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Why Buy Our Honeycomb blinds?

  1. Strong Durable Fabric
  2. Best Insulating Fabric, Translucent and Black Out
  3. Maintenance Free
  4. Attractive Color Coordinated Hardware
    Uniform Exterior Appearance
  5. Easy Installation with Stainless Steel Hidden Low Profile Mounting Brackets
  6. Stack Height
  7. Mimimum Bracket Mounting Surfaces by Mounting Hardware
  8. A company that stands behind their shades


Strong Durable Fabric

The Symphony fabric we use, at 30-gm/sq mtr. (Or 35 gms for blackout) is the heaviest you can buy. Your blinds will be more durable, washable and long lasting. Although Symphony blinds are now usually purchased for their appearance, they were originally designed as industrial strength control of heat loss and gain in greenhouses The double honeycomb construction, traps air in the cells, increasing the insulation value of the blinds. (top)


Best Insulating Fabric: Translucent and BlackOut Available

Our Symphony fabric is constructed as a double cell for extra strength and has a sealed front web to offer an incredible 4.6 R factor, (with double glazing) to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Virtually no other window treatment offers such a high insulating value.

Highly Translucent Non-Fading Fabric. Our blinds are such great insulators that you will want them down when it is cold or hot out, without darkening your space. Our thin gauge fabric (0.14 mm.) offers all of the above strengths, is non-fading and lets in the most visible light while blocking out virtually 100% of the damaging UV rays. Amazing!

Double Cell Black Out Fabric is a great choice for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms. Symphony Blackout Double Honeycomb Cellular Shades use integrated foil technology to maximize the insulating properties of the non-woven polyester fabric and enhances its blackout capabilities.
Take control of your drafty windows! Great cooling in the summer, too!


Maintenance Free

Forget about dusting, our fabric is dust repellent! However, many years from now when you do want to clean your blinds, our light filtering blinds are fully washable. Note; BlackOut fabrics should not be submerged in water. We use only aluminum and high tech plastics, poly carbonates and ceramics in the hardware so our shade is one you can fully submerse and soak without fear. Furthermore, there are no plastics that could become brittle from heat and age. (top)


Color Coordinated Hardware and Uniform Exterior Appearance

Our hardware is fully color coordinated for the most attractive decorative appearance. Our blinds are a uniform color to the exterior to maintain the attractive appearance of your home or office regardless of your color choices. (Light Diffusing Symphony blinds are off-white to the exterior and Black Out are neutral to the exterior.)  (top)


Easy Installation with Stainless Steel Hidden Low Profile Mounting Brackets

Symphony blinds are so easily installed because the ingeniously designed front load hidden bracket operates with a simple snap-in action. They are exceptionally strong and will not become brittle like plastics.(top)


Stack Height:







2 7/8"

3 1/4"

3 1/2"

3 5/8"



Minimum Bracket Clearances for Mounting Hardware:



Inside Mount Only

Minimum required for installation:

1 1/4"

Minimum Flush Inside Mounting Surface (Rail Fully recessed):

2 1/4"

Maximum Flush Inside Mounting Surface (Handle Fully Recessed:)

2 11/16"

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