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Proven Savings on Heating and Cooling Costs

Did you know that 10-25% of your heating
costs is wasted  on heat seeping out of leaky  windows? It costs about $1,300 to heat an average American home, that's up to $325 going right out the window!  Energy Smart Symphony and BlackOut Cellular blinds help to keep your home comfortable all year round while lowering your energy costs!

Symphony and BlackOut Cellular blinds insulate 3 ways:

    1. Fights Convection: Seals gaps that may exist between the window and window frame, blocking the natural airflow and keeping warmer air inside during winter and outside during summer.

    2. Fights Conduction:  Energy Smart Cellular blinds create an effective barrier between the glass window and your room, preventing heat transfer with the non-woven polyester fabric and double-honeycomb cell structure.

    3. Fights Radiation: Symphony and BlackOut Cellular blinds trap heat between the window and the closed shade, making your room more comfortable. 

The Truth about Energy Loss
Energy Smart Cellular blinds control drafts at the source to keep homes at a constant temperature for longer periods of time.  Less stress is placed on furnaces and air  conditioning units, slowing wear and tear and promoting fuel and electricity conservation.

See for yourself with thermal photography. This series illustrates a common weather scenario - a 32 degree F day with a simulated room temperature of 68 degrees F.

You can see the difference!
Uncovered Window:
The blue in this photo indicates the temerature loss around an uncovered, single pane window.

The first window on the right is uncovered. See all the blue indicating heat loss.

The photo shows the same window wearing a  Symphony Energy Smart Insulating Cellular shade. Note the colors indicate a temperature increase due to blocked drafts and covered surfaces.
Thermal photography and statistics provided by Seiki Living Design, Testing conducted and photos taken by the Tokyo Laboratory for Construction Materials.

Window with a Symphony Cellular Shade


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